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Carbon Top Deck for the Reflex RX28 (medium size)

Carbon Top Deck for the Reflex RX28 (medium size)

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Carbon top deck for the Reflex RX28 designed to mount a transponder or to hide the wiring, installs via the front shock mount, you can use Reflex shims RX523 (0.5mm & 1mm) to adjust the height the top deck sits at, be aware if you increased they height you may then need to use 2x M2x8 screws not included. 

Rough dimensions (W) 25mm x (L) 24mm 

As show by the picture depending on electronics layout you may need to adjust position of the esc or if like me you use a small driver to power on the ESC, they have been designed with clearance of the power wires to allow RHS or LHS battery wiring with the most commonly use Mini28 ESC.

NB: these were commissioned by us with the authorisation to use the Reflex Racing logo but in no way are they connected to Reflex Racing. 

Supplied only engraved, painted version is only to demonstrate what can be done.


These were custom made for Bomb Racing by KiT RC, check out their FB page for custom made tool stands and pit boards



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