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Hobbywing Mini28 EZrun ESC

Hobbywing Mini28 EZrun ESC

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The software, hardware and structure are tailor-made for 1/28 car competition, which is an ideal choice for the needs of 1/28 car competition.

Small size and light weight.
The ESC is 22mm long, 14mm wide, and weighs only 5g (without cables). The extremely small and light shape is convenient for wiring and makes the car more stable when cornering.

High power, good heat dissipation.
The maximum output current of the ESC is as high as 30A, plus the heat sink of the all-metal shell ensures that the ESC is always at the ideal working temperature. Maximum output current up to 30A.  Full Metal Case Radiator

Turbo Timing Rich parameter items

26 Tuneable Parameters

1/10 power system commonly used throttle PWM frequency, brake frequency, softening, Boost/Turbo timing, etc.
The power demand can be precisely adjusted, allowing drivers to enjoy the ultimate control experience.

Warning! Please read the ESC manual carefully, wrong settings may cause damage to the ESC and the motor!

Built-in dual application mode
Two built-in competition modes, Zero Timing and Modified , can be selected and used immediately.

Built- in BEC
Supporting high-voltage steering gear

The ESC has a built- in switch mode BEC with a maximum output current of up to 3.5A, and the output voltage is adjustable at 6V/7.4V, which can easily meet the input power requirements of high-torque high voltage servos.

External OTA Bluetooth module.
Use mobile phone to program ESC
After the ESC is connected to the OTA Bluetooth module , a wireless connection can be established between It is simple and convenient to use the mobile app to perform parameter settings, data reading, and firmware upgrades .



For: 1/28 RC mini car
Colour: Black
Continuous & Peak Current: 30A/80A
Maximum Cell Count: 2S LiPo
BEC Output: 6V/7.4V @ 3.5 amps
Size: 22.7 x 14.2 x 11.8mm
Weight: 5 grams (without wires)
Works with: 1626 sized motors (not included)
Programming: LCD G2 Program Box, OTA Programmer (not included)
Includes: Hobbywing EZRUN MINI28 Brushless Sensored ESC (1 pc)br>
Motor Type: Brushless
Sensor Type: Sensored

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